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A simple Calculator for you to understand the extensive benefits in workflow in proposal design and development.
We will ask you the questions and give you clear results.

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Lets work out the hourly cost
for your business

What are your annual costs for

How long do you spend with a potential client prior to them

What is the value of
your proposals

Here's some numbers you will be really familiar with

Now what does
it cost you to
complete the proposals?

Remembering each proposal costs 12,434.00;
To complete 12,434.00 proposals in a year
it will cost you 00;

So based on your Gross Profit Margin of
12,434.00 you have 00.00 to cover
other costs and make nett profits.

That's if every proposal converts to business.


The Conversion Factor

    In a year, you complete 1,248 proposals
    Within an average month you complete 103 proposals
    Here's some more numbers you will be really familiar with

So what's the impact of
didgigo on your proposal workflow

Using Digigo your average cost for each Proposal is $268

That's a saving of 90 minutes for each Proposal
Which equals 00 saving per proposal.

Over the 00 means that you are now saving 0 hours or 0 days each year.

That's 00.00 in cost saving for you.

Take two minutes to dream about what you could do in your life with this extra time or money!!


Didgigo will
increase your
conversion rate

Using Didgigo your average conversion rate will increase by 0%

Thats means you will convert another 00 proposal per year.

The 00 conversions is 00 in new revenues with a gross profit of 00.

Take two minutes to dream about what you could do in your life with this extra money!


More time and
more money

The number are stacking up for you!

With the new gross profit of __
plus __ in proposal cost time savings,
you are now 00 better off!

Start Dreaming!!

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integrating Didgigo into your Proposal workflow