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Junior-Intermediate Software Developer

Location: Cairns (on-site)

Our Story

Didgigo is a company dedicated to perfecting travel documentation, delivering thousands of itineraries to travellers around the globe every month. We use leading technology and bespoke content to produce beautiful pdfs, websites and mobile app itineraries. Join us in our current goal of 1 million monthly itineraries.



This is a role to kickstart the rest of your career. We are looking for a driven, eager-to-learn candidate who can constantly adapt to a changing business. The role will mostly be a backend role for accelerating company growth by creating new tools for internal Didgigo staff and external clients.


Fields of work

Here at Didgigo, you need to be flexible to succeed, examples of areas you might work are:

• Nodejs backend systems

• MSSQL Databases

• Kubernetes cloud container deployment

• Google cloud services (VisionML, Stackdriver, Analytics)

• Firebase (Real-time databases, analytics)

• Angular frontend applications

• Ionic mobile app development

• InDesign server API interactions

• ASP.NET legacy application development



Not all of these will be required on day one, some are more a guide for planned projects in the next few years.

• Work effectively in a friendly team environment.

• Understand client and team needs.

• Improve core infrastructure and APIs.

• Ingest content from third-party services and APIs.

• Help solve problems of scalability.

• Assist in moving existing infrastructure to the cloud.

• Improve Continuous Integration and Deployment Infrastructure

• Assist in building a cutting-edge PDF generation service built on InDesign Server.

• Build fluid user-friendly interfaces

• Build a premium model into the existing Tripigo mobile app



Note: All of these are ‘nice to have’, however can be taught on the job.

• Node.js

• Typescript

• Javascript (ES6) / jquery



• Angular Framework

• Ionic Framework

• C# (Java/Scala and similar languages are fine)


• Git (Version control)

• Gitlab (Repository and Contin)

• Basecamp (Project management)



Diploma/Degree in Software Development or equivalent experience.


An ideal candidate would:

• Understand algorithmic complexity and know what premature optimization looks like.

• Understand the difference between a reference and a value.

• Understand basic Object Orientated Programming techniques (Inheritance, Classes)

• Understand key data structures (Sets, Linked Lists, Arrays, Maps, Trees, Graphs)

• Understand version control systems.

• Understand Linux and Windows operating systems.

• Concurrency/Threading/Async (Understanding race conditions and how to avoid them)

• Understanding of ‘programming with functions’, lambdas, functions as values etc.

• Have a basic understanding of functional programming (Option type, Monads, Effects).

• Have some personal projects and/or open source work.


Didgigo is a proud equal opportunity workplace, we review employment purely on the merits of their application.

Join the Didgigo family. Send us your CV and cover letter and let’s talk!

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