Didgigo is a content specialist. With over 40,000 products, 400,000 images and videos, and over 200,000 descriptions across almost every country in the world, building enticing itinerary proposals is now effortless.

Utilise our massive library of digital content including vibrant imagery, regularly-updated facts and professionally-edited descriptions of thousands of destinations, accommodations, tours and activities worldwide, and build creative, colourful and enticing itinerary proposals that inspire your clients to travel with you.

Content growth by location

Didgigo’s coverage is continually expanding.

Strong Coverage

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Limited content

Our system, Didgigo, is home to your new CRM and flexible itinerary building platform. You can give up using Word Documents and start using the power and automation of Didgigo and Adobe InDesign to generate your high-quality, custom-branded proposals.

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Drive directions




A cross between a fact sheet and a sales brochure, e-Factures allow you to organise and maintain your product's facts, descriptions, languages, images, video, maps, directions and trade contacts. The push of a button outputs a hi-res PDF ready for printing, or a low-res PDF for emailing or adding to your website for download. Choose from a selection of our templates, or upgrade to your own customised designs.

Didgigo houses extensive high-quality content collected through years of significant publishing

  • Destinations, Accommodation, Tours, Attractions, Multi-day Touring, Transfers, Flights, Restaurants
  • Maps including location and driving directions information
  • Product descriptions, with long and short options
  • Product facts, inclusions, activities and facilities
  • Product options including room types, food & beverage, spa facilities, and activities
  • Product option facts and inclusions
  • Product images: general product images as well as option-specific images; all downloadable
  • Product videos
  • User-owned custom description, image and video
  • Supplier ratings
  • Agent contacts at supplier company
Enormous time savings
Self-managed by suppliers
Maintained by Didgigo content team

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